RELINEEUROPE strengthens their business co-operations abroad

Frank Mersmann named to the Board as of April 1st, 2020

Frank Mersmann, RELINEEUROPE+++ Rohrbach, Monday, February 3, 2020. Frank Mersmann will be appointed as a new member of the Executive Board as of April 1st, 2020. The former Managing Director of Saertex multiCom GmbH will be joining the RELINEEUROPE AG Executive Board alongside Christian Noll, Ludwig Allmann and Bernd Flossmann. He will particularly be responsible for the RELINE UV Group co-operations abroad. These co-operations are highly important to the RELINEEUROPE AG, since expansion of the global RELINE UV Group has been very positive over the last two years, and since the company intends to continue investing in international co-operations in the future. 

Frank Mersmann will add his unique expertise to the top level of company management and will contribute his many years of international experience to the RELINEEUROPE AG. Frank Mersmann has been responsible for gravity and pressure applications in the areas of developing, manufacturing and sales of UV light-curing fiberglass reinforced CIPP liners for over 10 years. “Frank Mersmann has extensive expertise in trenchless technologies for pipe renovation. I am very glad he has decided to join our company. I am firmly convinced he will add new energy to the continued international expansion of the RELINE UV Group, and will continue to move us forward on our growth trajectory alongside the other Board members” says Christian Noll.

About the RELINE UV® Group

The RELINE UV Group, which includes the companies RELINEEUROPE AG (Rohrbach, Germany), RELINEAMERICA (Saltville, USA), RELINEASEAN (New Delhi, India), RELINEJAPAN LLC (Tokyo, Japan) and RELINECHINA (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai, China), is growing. The RELINE UV Group plans to add more international members.

With an annual production of over 900,000 meters (almost 3 million feet) of UV light-curing fiberglass reinforced CIPP liner, the RELINE UV Group is becoming a leading provider in the field. Since 2009, the Group has delivered over 6,000,000 meters (approx. 20 million feet) of UV light-curing CIPP liner for rehabilitation projects to over 50 countries. The RELINE UV Group also plays a leading role in developing and producing innovative UV-equipment to quickly cure light-curing CIPP liners. It is the only company in the industry to produce both UV light-curing Alphaliners and the UV-equipment used in the curing and construction site processing itself.

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