RELINEEUROPE achieves record sales revenue in November 2020 and starts a quality initiative to secure this track record of success.

Bauarbeiten bei RELINEEUROPENearly six million: Until today, this is the number of Alphaliner meters produced at the plant in Rohrbach and delivered to customers around the globe. Always in compliance with the highest quality standards and following a strategy of ongoing process optimization. Despite the Covid19 pandemic, which dominated this year, and which has not yet been overcome, we are particularly pleased to announce that we were able to achieve record sales revenue in November 2020. To secure this track record of success for the future, we have decided to launch a renewed quality initiative with which we will once again be setting a new benchmark in 2021.

To implement this campaign as soon as possible, we started the modification measures in our production facilities in early December and are very happy to announce that we are right on schedule to conclude these by the end of January 2021. In addition to this, all of our Alphaliners will successively come equipped with a new outer film serving as "integrated sliding foil" (IGS) and an "integrated preliner" (IPL) by beginning of 2021.

Thanks to these investments we will not only enhance the quality of our products, but additionally increase the efficiency of our production processes. It is our greatest interest to continue to meet future rising demand for Alphaliners reliably, quickly, and securely.

Processes – Quality – Future: With these three key priorities we are motivated to start into the new year! The entire team has fully implemented the structural changes and is looking forward to shaping the year 2021 together with our partners.

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