Head Office RELINEEUROPE, Rohrbach, Germany Head Office RELINEEUROPE, Rohrbach, Germany Head Office RELINEEUROPE, Rohrbach, Germany



Since its founding in 2009, RELINEEUROPE has established itself internationally as a holistic system supplier for trenchless technologies in the pipe rehabilitation industry. The company is based in Rohrbach (Rhineland- Palatinate) and supplies the markets in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

Both the UV light-curing hose liner Alphaliner and innovative and future-oriented UV technologies, such as the most powerful UV curing system REE4000 on the market, are developed and produced locally at RELINEEUROPE. Since the company was founded, almost 6,000,000 meters of Alphaliner in the dimensions DN 150 to DN 1900 have been successfully installed in rehabilitation projects worldwide.

Your Contacts at RELINEEUROPE

Managing Directors

Frank Mersmann
Phone: +49 6349 93934-160

Patrick Heimpold

e-mail: patrick.heimpold@relineeurope.com
Phone: +49 6349 93934-170

Andreas Bichler

e-mail: andreas.bichler@relineeurope.com
Phone: +49 6349 93934-275

Photo: (from left to right) Patrick Heimpold, Frank Mersmann, Andreas Bichler

RELINEEUROPE - Managing directors, from left to right: Patrick Heimpold, Frank Mersmann, Andreas Bichler

Philipp Martin
Director Sales Europe

Philipp Martin, Director Sales Europe, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: philipp.martin@relineeurope.com
Phone: +49 6349 93934-220
Mobile: +49 163 77 64 342

David Veltz
Head of Sales France and Belgium

David Veltz, Head of Sales France and Belgium, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: david.veltz@relineeurope.com
Mobile: +33 617 815 710

Markus Lebek
Area Sales Manager North Europe

Markus Lebek, Area Sales Manager North Europe, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: markus.lebek@relineeurope.com
Mobile: +49 151 51555417

Jakub Kania
Area Sales Manager Eastern Europe and Austria

Jakub Kania, Area Sales Manager Eastern Europe and Austria, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: jakub.kania@relineeurope.com
Mobile:  +420 608 334 292

Firmino Pires Barbosa
Area Sales Manager Northwest and South Europe

Firmino Barbosa, Area Sales Manager Northwest and South Europe, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: firmino.barbosa@relineeurope.com
Phone: +49 6349 93934-229
+49 162 46 12 598

Werner Reiner
Director Overseas Business

Werner Reiner, Director Overseas Business, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: werner.reiner@relineeurope.com
Mobile: +49 176 31 339 457

Maksim Dubtsov
Area Sales Russia and Northeast Europe

Maksim Dubtsov, Sales Manager Russia and North-East Europe, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: maksim.dubtsov@relineeurope.com
Mobile:  +49 1522 26 996 07

Valerie Federolf
Head of Marketing

Valerie Federolf, Head of Marketing, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: valerie.federolf@relineeurope.com
Phone: +49 6349 93934-212
Mobile: +49 174 20 608 04

Mario Saalow
Head of Application Technology

Mario Saalow, Head of Application Technology, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: mario.saalow@relineeurope.com
Mobile:  +49 172 70 972 95

Denis Heß
Head of Service and Mechanical Installation

Denis Heß, Head of Service and Mechanical Installation, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: denis.hess@relineeurope.com
Phone: +49 6349 93934-234
Mobile: +49 1522 26 996 08

Jan Winkler
Project Manager UV- Equipment

Jan Winkler,Project Manager UV- Equipment, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: jan.winkler@relineeurope.com
Phone: +49 6349 93934-242
Mobile: +49 1522 26 99 600

Johannes Burkhard
Project Manager Rental Solutions

e-mail: johannes.burkhard@relineeurope.com
Phone: +49 6349 93934-235

Diana Sinn
Head of Order Management

Diana Sinn, Head of Order Management, RELINEEUROPE GmbH

e-mail: diana.sinn@relineeurope.com
Phone: +49 6349 93934-222