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Power Hybrid

Environment friendly and cost saving

RELINE UV Group - Power Hybrid

Generally, modern UV curing systems are equipped with generators between 30 – 60 KVA of electrical power. However, the entire power is only required during the UV curing process, which only takes place a few hours of the day. The reminding time, a large part of this power is unused.

In addition to the conventional power generators, renovation vehicles can now also be equipped with the new Power Hybrid System.

Benefits of the technology at a glance

  • Cost reduction by lowering diesel consumption by up to 6,000 liters p.a.
  • Larger service intervals for the power generator due to less daily operating hours
  • Longer service life and later investment in a new replacement generator
  • Environmentally friendly and smaller carbon footprint
  • Less noise pollution impacting both humans and nature
  • Short amortization period

Technical facts

  • Modular design with 5 – 20 KW battery capacity
  • Automatic switch-over from generator to battery-powered operation
  • Smart charging of the battery pack during the curing process
  • Battery-powered operation also possible at low ambient temperatures
  • Minimum of 3,500 charging cycles

Brochure UV Equipment (PDF)

Brochure UV Equipment

Download (PDF)