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Speed Chain

10 x 300 600 WDN 150 – DN 500 | REE4000

Speed Chain 10 x 300 – 600 W | DN 150 – 600 | REE4000

The power of the UV emitters of the light source named Speed Chain from RELINE UV Group, used in the REE4000 UV curing system, can be adjusted continuously from 300 W to 600 W. 

This permits the light output to be configured exactly for the specific glass-fibre reinforced hose liner and facilitates the fastest possible hardening speeds.

  • Ten crystal xenon emitters specially tailored to the resin with platinum finish can be continuously switched from 300 — 600 W for optimal curing.
  • Two chain elements with six or four UV emitters each simplify handling and installation in confined spaces.
  • Plug-in wheel extensions enable rehabilitation projects with circular profiles from DN 150 — DN 500 (optional DN 600), oval profiles from DN 300/450 - DN 500/750.
  • Special profiles are possible with individual plug-in wheel extensions.
  • Continuously adjustable control of UV emitter output for optimal curing.
  • Constant output on the emitters through safe, µ controller directed electronic ballast.
  • Built-in heat-resistant curing camera that can be controlled via a joystick for permanent visual control. Permanently mounted, with upright image including data display and lighting of the liner before curing by means of an LED ring.
  • Ultrasonic sensors for automatic stop and rear camera for extended curing control, integrated in the curing plug.
  • Light chain lengths of up to 4,200 mm and the associated large irradiation area enable the fastest curing speeds with the highest quality at the same time.
  • Three IR sensors to record the laminate temperature during curing, for monitoring the curing process.
  • An IR sensor to record air temperature in GRP liner.

Brochure UV Equipment (PDF)

Brochure UV Equipment

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