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REE4000 UV Curing System

The UV curing system with up to 4,000 W power per emitter

RELINE UV Group – REE4000

With the REE4000, the RELINE UV Group provides the most powerful UV curing technology currently available on the market. The curing system offers a maximum light power output of up to 6 x 4,000 W and enables with its electronic assistance and documentation systems the highest possible levels of reliability and an autonomous curing process technology.

The REE4000 can be used for diameters from DN 150 to DN 2000. Particularly in the case of large diameters in combination with big wall thicknesses, the system offers unparalleled advantages thanks to its innovative UV emitter technology

Available light sources:

  • Speed Chain
    10 x 300 W – 600 W for DN 150 – DN 500 (DN 600 optional)
  • Rapid Chain or Rapid Cube
    6 x 1,000 W – 3,000 W for DN 600 – DN 1300
  • Power Cube
    6 x 2,000 W – 4,000 W for DN 1400 – DN 2000

REE4000 mobile and REE4000 professional

The REE4000 is available either as a mobile version or as a permanent system installed in a box truck.

The REE4000 mobile has a fully automated cable drum with cable lengths of up to 200 meters and additionally an integrated operation keyboard.

The REE4000 professional is equipped with a curing cable of up to 350 meters.

RELINE UV-Group – REE4000
REE4000 Professional UV Curing System

REE4000 - The only almost autonomous UV curing system worldwide

  • Autonomous curing process through innovative, assistant-controlled curing
  • Specialized REE4000 control and curing software
  • QR code scanner for importing curing-related data (job site data, initial speed and max. speed rate, interior pressure).
  • Rotation front camera, enables to inspect the entire liner prior to curing, especially those with large diameters
  • Ultrasonic sensor technology for automatic stop- system and rear camera in the curing plug
  • Automatic emergency switch-off, if a pressure drop below 50 mbar is detected.

REE4000 - Hight-Tech für die optimale Aushärtung

The REE4000 is the most state-of-the-art and sophisticated technology available worldwide. The latest developments in automation and digitization are constantly being incorporated into the design of the light sources and operating systems. 

With the REE4000, the RELINE UV Group has developed the first and only system that controls the curing process almost completely autonomously, providing assistance to operators and significantly increasing safety during the rehabilitation work.

The REE4000 always guarantees 100% power output of the emitters. Electronic ballast units ensure that any potential drops in power that may occur are recognised and immediately compensated for.

In comparison, conventional systems lose up to 30% of their electrical performance during the entire curing process.

The innovative UV emitter technology, with up to 6 x 4,000 W, enables fast and homogeneous curing of even the largest diameters and wall thicknesses using only UV light. Thanks to the total output of 24,000 W, wall thicknesses of up to 20.5 mm can be cured without peroxide and up to 30 mm with the addition of peroxide. The decisive factor here, is not the total output of the light source, but rather the individual output of each emitter.

The REE4000 UV curing system is characterised by its high curing speeds of up to 2.46 m/min (e.g. for DN 700 in 4.4 mm) and thus the particularly economical, safe and durable rehabilitation.

The power output of the emitters can be continuously adjusted to achieve the best possible curing results.

REE4000 - QR-Code Scanner

Integrated QR code scanner and automated processing of the curing parameters

The integrated QR-Code scanner is used to import all relevant data from the delivery note. Based on this data, the system parameters such as job site data, initial and end speed as well as max. curing speed and the required interior pressure are calibrated automatically.

RELINE UV-Gruppe - REE4000 - Sensortechnologie zur autonomen SteuerungInnovative sensors transmit all relevant curing parameters and independently provide the impulses for the automated start or termination of the curing process

In addition, the sensors measure a variety of other essential parameters such as ambient temperature and reactions in the resin, which can be used to regulate the ideal curing speed.

REE4000 - Innovative Kamerasysteme

The REE4000 is equipped with a unique front camera with 360-degree endless rotation and a rear camera located at the cable plug. The images recorded by these cameras are transmitted directly to the split-screen monitor, in the operating panel.

The high-resolution images from different perspectives allow the operator to follow and perfectly supervise and monitor the rehabilitation process

The entire curing process is recorded automatically.

The detailed record provides an overview of all parameters relevant to the curing process such as speed, length, pressure, reaction temperatures, ignition of the UV emitters, general job site data, etc.

Brochure UV Equipment (PDF)

Brochure UV Equipment

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