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REE2000 UV Curing System

The UV curing system with up to 2,000 W power per emitter

RELINE UV GROUP - REE2000 UV curing system

The REE2000 is a very powerful UV curing system which can be employed within a diverse range of settings. It is available in different versions with a variety of t light sources and cable lengths. It is recommended for a diameter range from DN 150 to DN 1200.

Available light sources:

  • Speed Chain
    9 x 400 W – 600 W for DN 150DN 500 (DN 600 optional)
    switchable with 400 W, 500 W and 600 W
  • Rapid Chain
    6 x 1,000 W – 2,000 W for DN 600DN 1200
    switchable with 1,000 W, 1,200 W, 1,500 W and 2,000 W 

REE2000 mobile and REE2000 professional

The REE2000 curing system is available either as a mobile version (REE2000 mobile) or as a permanent system installed in a box truck (REE2000 professional).

The mobile version offers maximum flexibility. It is ideal for construction sites that are difficult to access. Thanks to its large cable drum, the REE2000 professional version enables very efficient rehabilitation of very long sewer sections in one operation.

RELINE UV Group - REE2000 Professional
  • REE2000 mobile
    Cable length 150 m — power of each emitter up to 2,000 W
  • REE2000 mobile
    Cable length 200 m — power of each emitter up to 1,500 W
  • REE2000 mobile
    Cable length 250 m — power of each emitter up to 1,000 W
  • REE2000 professional
    Cable length 300 m — power of each emitter up to 2,000 W
  • Easy-to-operate system via touch screen monitor; in case of REE2000 professional: an additional operating panel as a remote workstation is possible
  • Visualisation and logging of all curing-related information as well as the camera image (pictures)
  • Storage of the curing data via USB drive, digital transmission or printed out immediately
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance (TeamViewer)
  • Optional integration of CCTV system and/or a leak test device (only available for REE2000 professional)
  • Required energy supply: 40 KVA

Brochure UV Equipment (PDF)

Brochure UV Equipment

Download (PDF)