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Quality Assurance as our Highest Principle

RELINE UV Group - Quality Assurance as our Highest Principle

Only once the Alphaliner has been installed successfully at the job site, the product hose liner is completed. The RELINE UV Group has set up a unique Total Quality Management System (TQM), which is unparalleled in this sector of industry. It includes the monitored and controlled management of quality along the entire value chain – beginning with the raw material all through to the fully cured Alphaliner, installed at the job site. The TQM is the bedrock for unvarying and high quality in all of RELINE UV Group's production areas. The qualified installation companies are fully integrated in our TQM system.

With the help of the TQM, all relevant material-, production- and transport-related areas as well as the installation results, and the installers' feedback from each of the job sites is incorporated into our system. The results of the material tests, conducted on the job site samples, are recorded and saved in a database. 

They are reviewed and analyzed regularly. These results are used to optimize production and job site installation, as well as for an analytical exchange with our Alphaliner installation partners to identify further room for enhancement.

The TQM system of the RELINE UV Group includes:

  • Quality management during Alphaliner production
  • Quality management during Alphaliner installation
  • Quality assessment of the results achieved
  • Continuous quality improvements
RELINE UV Group - TQM scheme