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AlphalinerESD – for the Rehabilitation of Drainage Pipes in Potentially Explosive Environments

The first electrostatic discharging reinforced CIPP liner in the world

Application: Industry

AlphalinerESD  – For the rehabilitation of drainage pipes in potentially explosive environments

A special resin-nanoparticle compound, developed in cooperation with leading universities, forms the basis with outstanding characteristics of this new AlphalinerESD. The AlphalinerESD is classified as electrostatic discharging according to TRGS727 (avoidance of ignition hazards due to electrostatic charges) and DIN EN 64340-5 (protection of electronic components). The AlphalinerESD is perfectly suited for the rehabilitation of drainage pipes in the chemical and petrolindustry as well as companies active in the energy, environmental and electrical engineering sectors.


In addition to the classic advantages already offered by the Alphaliner, such as the fast conclusion of rehabilitation projects and the long service life of the renovated sewer pipe, the AlphalinerESD has the following advantages in particular:

  • No need to apply an additional electrostatic discharging layer thanks to its integration in the Alphaliner.
  • No impairment of mechanical properties – the structural loadbearing capacities is preserved
  • Resistance to abrasion and other typical mechanical stresses is retained
  • No tension cracking due to varying expansion coefficients caused by electrostatic discharge via the resin.

The following diameters are offered:

  • AlphalinerESD - DN 150 to DN 1800

We would be happy to send you the specifications valid for your demands.

A short email is sufficient. Please indicate the intended application area in which you want to use the AlphalinerESD.

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