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AlphalinerVE – Rehabilitation of Industrial Drainage Systems

UV-curing CIPP liner with highly resistant vinyl ester resin

AlphalinerVE – Rehabilitation of industrial drainage systems

Long-term use of the rehabilitated pipes

Industrial wastewaters are far more chemically and thermally contaminated than municipal sewage waters and have many different compositions. 

The material of the CIPP system AlphalinerVE has been specifically designed for these high material requirements and offers the warranty for long-term use of the rehabilitated pipes.

Highly resistant premium vinyl ester resin

What makes the AlphalinerVE unique is the use of a highly resistant premium vinyl ester resin. Its outstanding properties include its high degree of resistance to thermal and chemical stresses combined with excellent mechanical properties in terms of rigidity and elongation at break.

This Alphaliner incorporates high corrosion and chemically resistance thanks to ECR glass fibres, as well as highly chemically resistant vinyl ester resin (VE) classified according to DIN EN 13121 in group 7b, DIN 16946-2 type 1310.

Both the Alphaliner500G-VE and Alphaliner1800H-VE have excellent mechanical properties and are classified by different material groups according to DWA-M 144-3. Hereby they fulfil all the requirements for material quality and can bear even greatest structural loads with comparatively small wall thicknesses.

Minimum limitations of production due to rapid execution of rehabilitation

Using the UV-curing CIPP Alphaliner technology enables rehabilitation work to be carried out very quickly and flexibly. In addition, the very small job site footprint is favourable considering the frequently challenging environments in industrial companies.

  • Excellent chemical resistance to industrial wastewater
  • High mechanical parameters for long-term resilience
  • Unique wear layer on the inner surface of the liner
  • Optimal solution for circular, non-circular, square and special profiles

Vinyl ester resin (abbreviation VE) is a synthetic resin and, when cured, is a thermosetting plastic of high strength and chemical resistance.

Vinyl ester resins are made by esterifying epoxy resins with acrylic acid or methacrylic acid. In this case, the reaction product is then dissolved in styrene with a mass content of 35 to 45%. The curing takes place by radical polymerisation, with photo initiators for the UV light curing.



Design of the Alphaliner

A vinyl ester (VE; classified according to DIN EN 13121 in group 7a; DIN 16946-2 type 1310) as well as corrosion and chemically resistant ECR glass fibres are used.

The Alphaliner CIPP liner features a special wearing layer on the inner surface of the liner and meets the requirements of DWA-A 143-3 and DIN EN ISO 11296-4. This wearing layer is produced by means of a fleece-bound pure resin layer of at least 0.5 mm (DIBt approval at least 0.4 mm). The Alphaliner is currently the only CIPP liner in the world with a defined wearing layer thickness.

The AlphalinerVE variants have excellent mechanical characteristics and are acc. DWA-M 144-3 classified in groups 13 and 20. They can withstand the highest structural loads with comparatively small wall thicknesses.

Extract from the chemical resistance list AlphalinerVE

ChemicalsConcentration in %max. temperature in °C
Alcohol, Amyl and Nutyl10050
Carbon Dioxide GasAll100
Chloric AcidAll25
Citric AcidAll90
Diesel Fuel10080
Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol)5040
Fuel Oil10090
Methanol (Methyl Alcohol)535
Methanol (Methyl Alcohol)100N.R.*
Motor Oil10090
Nitric Acid575
Nitric Acid3540
Sea Water10090
Sulfuric Acid2595
Sulfuric Acid7545








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  * Not Resistant

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