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AlphalinerUP – Rehabilitation of Municipal Sewage Networks

UV-curing GRP CIPP liner with high-quality polyester resin for long-lasting sewer rehabilitation

Alphaliner UP – Rehabilitation of municipal sewage networks

Highly resistant resin system

The UV-curing CIPP liner AlphalinerUP, made with high-quality polyester resin has been specifically developed for the rehabilitation of municipal wastewater systems.

A specially designed polyester resin is used for the AlphalinerUP, which is characterised by a high degree of resistance to municipal wastewater (UP; classified according to DIN EN 13121 in group 4; DIN 16946-2 type 1140; DIN 18820 group 3). The ECR glass fibres used are particularly resistant to corrosion.

Able to withstand the greatest structural loads

The Alphaliner is approved by all relevant international approval authorities (including Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) Germany, CSTB France, QUIK Switzerland, WRc UK, ASTM1216 and ASTM2019 USA). The Alphaliner500G-UP and Alphaliner1800H-UP each have excellent mechanical properties. This means that they fulfil all the requirements for material quality and can bear the higheststructural loads with comparatively thin wall thicknesses.

The UV CIPP hose liner AlphalinerUP enabels trenchless rehabilitation projects up to several 100 metres per day, which can be carried out particularly fast and efficiently. As a result, impairments for residents and road traffic are significantly reduced to a minimum, especially in city-centre projects. The service life of a rehabilitated sewer pipe section is at least 50 years and more.

  • Excellent chemical resistance to municipal wastewater
  • High mechanical parameters for long-term resilience
  • Unique wear layer on the interior surface of the liner
  • Optimal solution for circular, non-circular, square and special profiles

Design of the UV CIPP hose liner AlphalinerWe use a highly resistant polyester resin (UP; classified as per DIN EN 13121 into group 4; DIN 16946-2 type 1140; DIN 18820 group 3) as well as corrosion-resistant ECR glass fibres.

On their inner liner surface, Alphaliners have a special wearing course in compliance with DWA-A 143-3 and DIN EN ISO 11296-4. This wearing course is achieved by a vylene-bonded high-grade resin layer of at least 0.5mm thickness (DIBt approval at least 0.4mm), resp. 0,3 mm (Alphaliner500G). Currently, Alphaliners are the only hose liners in the world offering a defined wearing course thickness.

The AlphalinerUP models exhibit excellent mechanical characteristics and are graded as per DWA-M 144-3 into groups 13 and 20. This qualifies them to withstand the highest structural stress loads at a comparatively small wall thickness.

We would be happy to send you the specifications valid for your demands.

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